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About Us

We provide health and wellness solutions for the betterment of humankind, animals and the Earth. Our seasoned herbalists curate the best tinctures, salves, teas, essential oils and more (all sustainably sourced & harvested, organic & vegan). 

The Asunder team is comprised of herbalists and business leaders who share a profound connection to the Earth and the natural world. We are committed to taking back the power of health and wellness that the Earth offers to us in the form of plants. For centuries, plants have been used for everything from first aid to cardiovascular health, but big pharma and corporate greed have stolen this from humanity. We want to give it back. 

Our mission is to bring health and wellness to all, regardless of financial status, by providing an affordable alternative to Big Pharma. 


We envision a world where people are able to take control of their health choices by making informed decisions that include herbs, supplements and everything the Earth has given to us as medicine. As a result, we hope that there will be less suffering and more joy amid a deeper connection to ourselves, plant medicine and sustainable practices. Our promise is to offer a variety of  products that are small business owned, women owned, BIPOC owned, LGBTQIA+ owned, sustainably sourced and harvested, organic and vegan.

Meet our Founder

Asunder Wellness Founder & CEO

Herbalism is implanted as memories within our DNA. As a small child, Tracey Lenac (our Founder/CEO), engaged in pretend play, gathering plants and seeds, grinding them with a stick and preparing them as medicine. She knew nothing of herbalism when she was seven years old, but it was somewhere deep inside her, waiting to be rediscovered and brought back to life. 


When Tracey became a mother, her natural instinct was to only give her children remedies that were natural without harsh side effects. It is then when she became a student of herbs, natural remedies and alternative medicine. In addition to her knowledge of herbalism, Tracey studied aromatherapy, became a Reiki Master Teacher and a certified Mindfulness & Meditation teacher. She paired her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Master’s degree in Education. As a clinical herbalist, Tracey’s passion lies in creating herbal formulations that can be blended for specific needs.


As her path evolved, she worked as a Wellness Practitioner for Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy where she educated and provided guidance to hundreds of customers as they navigated through their own herb inspired journey of wellness. That path ended abruptly when a major pharmaceutical corporation bought the prescription lists of all 25 Pharmaca stores. This entity had no use for the herb and supplement retail aspect of the store that helped people stay healthy, so they closed all the stores, laid off all the employees and left thousands of customers with nowhere to go. Corporate greed took the power away from the people (again). We want to give it back. 

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