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Oregano Oil: A Broad Spectrum Immune Support Remedy

Oregano Oil is antibactrial, anti inflammatory, anti fungal and an anti-oxidant. When prepared as an extract is has been shown to fight against bacteria, especially e coli. It is also a great "broad spectrum" immune support. You only need 2 - 3 drops in a very small amount of water every day to boost the immune system.

Oregano Oil extract is easy to make and it takes less than 30 minutes.

1.Harvest fresh Oregano.

2. Strip the leaves off and use a mortor and pestle to extract the oil from the leaves.

3. Fill a jar halfway with Oregano and then the rest of the way with Extra Virgin Organic Olive OIl.

4. Boil enough water in a pot so that the contents of the jar are fully submerged.

5. Turn off the heat and place the jar in the hot water bath for 10 minutes.

6. Take out and place in a window sill for 2 weeks.

Shake it every day, then after two weeks, strain the herbs from the oil into an amber bottle with a dropper.

Please note that this is not an essential oil, it is an extract. Essential oils require steam distillation and even though some people take them internally, I don't recommend it.


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